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Exide SMF/VRLA UPS Battery in Madhya Pradesh

Quanta SMF/VRLA Battery manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh

We are a renowned name in Exide SMF/VRLA UPS Battery Madhya Pradesh. Exide offers a broad selection of Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries for use in the telecom industry, and at the moment, the particular technologies are available:

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) VRLA

To serve the telecom business, tubular gel VRLA batteries. The VRLA battery line from Exide is uniquely created to provide hassle-free handling and maintenance-free operation, enable space efficiency, and give an environmentally beneficial solution.

These batteries, which are delivered in factory-charged condition with modules in a ready-to-use state, are designed to deliver exceptional performance. Exide's VRLA family of batteries is suitable for usage in the telecom sector because of the batteries' long life.

Moreover, Good recovery following a serious discharge. Due to the usage of antimony-free alloy, the self-discharge of C10 capacity at 27°C is less than 0.5% each week. No water topping up is ever needed, saving hundreds of liters of distilled water and the labor necessary for topping off throughout the battery's lifespan. There is no wait between delivery and usage thanks to the factory charging and readiness, providing an instant power supply.

Because the gas recombination technology cycle efficiently eliminates gas generation during typical operation, there is no need for a complex air exhaust system under normal operating settings.