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Amaron Quanta Battery Supplier in Madhya Pradesh

Amaron Quanta Battery Supplier in Madhya Pradesh

Every one of our products is backed by Amara Raja's expertise as the indisputable industry leader in storage batteries. Amaron Quanta Battery Supplier in Madhya Pradesh, The same promise of cutting-edge technology and unrivaled customer service standards as the Amaron is made to you by the Amaron Quanta.

The purpose of a UPS battery is to act as a backup. How about the backup to the backup, then? Let's say technology. The world's largest integrated medium VRLA battery manufacturing facility produced and tested the TM Amaron Quanta battery, which is a fail-safe, error-proof battery. It includes a number of firsts for the battery sector, such as the distinctive TM Radgrid profile.

Uninterrupted Life:

• In order to prolong the cyclic life of positive grids in tropical settings, a special heavy duty corrosion-resistant alloy is required.

• Lower internal resistance and better high-discharge performance are provided by the TM Radgrid profile.

• Low rates of self-discharge during lengthy storage times.

• looks modern and sleek.

• 10 year design float life

• A patented paste recipe for optimum charge acceptance is Instacharge TM.

• JIS 87020 is compliant with international standards.

• Amaron Quanta batteries always work consistently and dependably thanks to a variety of design advantages.