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Exide SMF/VRLA UPS Battery in Himachal Pradesh

Exide SMF/VRLA UPS Battery manufacturer in Himachal Prdesh

The VRLA battery was introduced in 1997 by Exide Industries Ltd., the biggest producer of lead acid batteries in India, as a result of internal R&D work and technological cooperation with M/s Shin-Kobe Electric Equipment Co., Japan, the producers of HITACHI batteries. Exide Industries Ltd. employs AGM, or "Absorbent Glass Mat," technology to create VRLA batteries. The glass mat separator's pores hold the electrolyte in an absorbed state. In turn, the separator is crammed closely between the positive and negative plates.

In the plate grid structure, "lead calcium tin alloy" has replaced "lead antimony alloy" to eliminate the negative effects of early gassing. Hardly no electrolysis/gassing occurs, and whatever water is transformed into hydrogen and oxygen is converted back. the released hydrogen is also in its original state as well as not begin in gaseous form.

Below given are the special features of our Exide SMF/VRLA UPS Battery Himachal Pradesh:

• New Improved Sealed Maintenance free

• Easy Handling and No Installation Constraints

• Long Service Life

• Excellent Charge Retention as well as Recovering Ability

• Free from Orientation Constraints

• Eco-Friendly

• Ready to Use

• Low Self-Discharge

• Superior High Rate Discharge

• Wide Range