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Amaron Quanta Battery Supplier in Punjab

Amaron Quanta Battery Supplier in Punjab

I'd like to introduce the "forever-performing" Amaron Quanta SMF battery for industrial applications in UPS systems. In other words, your UPS app's life support system. The Amaron quanta UPS battery Punjab. was created and tested at our top production facilities using fail-safe, fool-proof battery technology.

Our Amaron Quanta Battery Supplier in Punjab is a commitment to bringing the best technology to your table because it was built to the highest technical standards in its class. It includes a number of firsts for the TM battery sector, including the distinctive Radgrid profile.


• Type of Lead Acid Storage at C20 Rating

• Water loss is prevented by the low permeability of PPCP containers.

• AGM technology has a track record for being maintenance-free.

• Impact resistance is improved by reinforced end walls.

• Higher separator compression and thicker grids both increase life expectancy.

• JIS8702C is compliant with international standards.

• A highly dependable, low-resistance current route is provided by inter-cell welding between cells.

• In order to prolong the cyclic life of positive grids in tropical settings, a special heavy-duty corrosion-resistant alloy is required.

• Lower internal resistance and better high discharge performance are provided by the Radgrid profile.

• For excellent charge acceptance, use Instacharge, a patented paste composition.

• clean and sleek appearance.

• Low rates of self-discharge during lengthy storage times.

• 10-year design float life.